An unexpected Journey

So, quick change of plans, which was not completely unexpected andvery exciting.

As thought, difficulties with acquiring visa’s to remain in Greece continue. There was always the possibility that I could get a visa signing myself onto the ship when we arrive in Turkey so that I could remain for the rest of the sail with the DTS, though there would still be the difficulty of having to get off the visa when back in Greece. Another opportunity also presented itself which is very exciting and an answer to prayer, one that is working to be tied to the work that the Next Wave is doing, just in a different part of the world.

More on that in a minute.

Thus far my time on board the Next Wave with the Blue Water DTS has been both good, and challenging. Good, because it is nice to be back onboard the ship, getting out sailing and starting my work serving with YWAM ships.

Plus The DTS are a great group, and it has been a pleasure to get to know and interact with both the staff and students.

The challenge and growth comes in a few area’s.

1: Being crew onboard puts me in a position I have yet to really be in when sailing, where I have responsibility (With only 4 officially certified crew on a 42 metre vessel there is a lot of work) and am involved with helping teach and train the DTS trainee’s. Though this is a challenge that I enjoy as it is pushing me out of my comfort zone, helping me grow rather than just stay where I am.

2: Less than one week into our sail training week for the DTS, I cut my foot on some barnacles on the hull of the ship. 5 stitches on a swollen foot later and less than ideal mobility, I am now limited in what I can do onboard. This is both helping my growth in communication in my teaching to the trainee’s as I can not demonstrate everything now, and I believe it is also a continuation of God’s lesson towards me in humility, and the fact that life is not meant to be done all by oneself and we are to rely on each other.

Though, it does not make it all any easier even when you know the lesson of the situation.

Now, for the part most people are probably wanting to hear about. It is amazing to see how God can guide and direct you and open doors you did not even know where there when you surrender up yours own worries and idea’s, and let him guide you. And that is how this serving opportunity came about.

Myself and a fellow SONS student/crew member Dane plan to head over to Fiji this fall to work with a pair of YWAM vessel reaching out to all its small inhabited islands. It is amazing to see how God brings around blessings and opportunities whe

The people of Fiji readily accepted the gospel when it was first brought to them a couple hundred years ago, though it has become more of a stagnant religion as of late.

The jobs of the YWAM ships is to sail out to these small islands, bringing workers and teachers, to serve and train/teach the people for a couple weeks at a time. In order for these ships to be able to bring people out to the islands, trained crew are needed, which is lacking at this point.

The future plan is to hopefully have our vessel here and those in Fiji working in a sail training partnership, though those details of the future can wait till another time.

The cool things is that with myself and Dane going over there, it is a big answer to prayer for the captain doing the work in Fiji.

How my next couple years will be spent is not entirely sure. I still want to be involved with the SONS school training next year, and the leaders here really want myself and Dane back for it, as more crew onboard makes for more opportunities for those that are being trained.

With that in mind, and how the visa’s have been working, I hope to spend the free 90 day visa I can get next year helping out with the sail training school and DTS from around April to June, and my other time working with the YWAM base in Fiji reaching out to the people of the islands. Both myself and Dane see this as a great opportunity and answer to prayer as both of us have been wondering where we would be serving over this coming winter.

With my work in Fiji, what is exactly needed financially is not completely known yet. I will be getting that information soon. With Fiji being a cheeper place to live I am not to worried that is would be different from what I am requiring to spend my time in Lesvos, Greece, though that is slightly made void by the need to afford the cost of flights between Fiji, Greece, and home.

So with that being said, I would ask for you to pray about supporting me financially. One time donations, or monthly, everything helps as all the work I am doing is volunteer and self supported.

To those who already help support me, I thank you again for enabling me to do what I do.

If you are wanting to know how to support me, shoot me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Please pray for the transition from here to Fiji, that Dane and I would be able to transition into the vision and work that the leaders over there are already working on.

Prayer for a quick healing for my foot would be much appreciated, so that us crew can help give the DTS the most amazing sailing experience possible.

And prayer for financial support. That everything I need moving forward would be provided.

Until next time,


PS: here is a short promotional video for Fiji.

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