Bound for the shores of Mexico

Outreach is fast approaching for the BlueWater DTS, and acquiring final information from our outreach destination and team preparation is under way. 


My own return flight home before I leave to join the outreach team in Mexico is approaching even quicker. With that, it has made these last couple weeks some busy ones, balancing the roles of crew and DTS outreach co-leader. 



June 8th saw us leaving Mytilini marina on Lesvos, making our way to Kusadasi, Turkey to visit the ancient city of Ephesus. From there we made stops at the different Greek islands of Samos, Patmos, and Chios, as well as some time spent on some smaller uninhabited islands for some swimming in clear blue waters and exploration. 

June 20th, we returned to our port in Skala Loutra on the island of Lesvos, where the boat will be remaining (most likely) through the coming winter. 

With my flight home departing on June 26th, I am left with 6 days free to finish any needed planning with Shelby, my co-leader. Any and all prayer for us during these coming weeks before outreach is appreciated. 

May I present to you, the Mexico outreach team! Do not be deceived, though our guy to girl ratio is even, we are still a YWAM team. 

In order from left to right: Emily, Jamie, Shelby, Kevin, Richard, and myself (please hold your comments on my clothing choices till the end).

Shelby – My fellow co-leader from Tampa, Florida. A school teacher, professional singer and ukulele player in her spare time.


Richard – Our man of wisdom (especially in all things women related for us younger men). He will also be helping us all get healthy with our eating habits during our time in Mexico (maybe, we shall see). 

Kevin – Our California representative. Often he can be found beautifully humming his favourite sea shanties (and looks the part while doing it).

Emily – Our Irish born, currently calling home Australia, temporarily living in Greece, going on outreach to Mexico team member (don’t ask, we are all a little confused. Its okay). 

Jamie – Our American west coast dental assistant, and secret singer/musician. She will make sure we all have perfect smiles for all the pictures I shall be needing to make an appearances in over the next couple months. 


From July 5th to Sept 4th, this team of 6 shall be on the  west coast of Mexico, in the city of Mazatlan. We shall be working with the local YWAM base there, partnering with them in the local missions they have been doing for the last couple years. We shall be doing community visits and a variety of ministries, everything from door to door, bible distribution (bibles for Mexico, working to get a bible in every home), to kids ministries and hopefully some community events. 


Requests on behalf of the team:

– Keep us in your prayers. We feel this is a strong hand-picked team by God. Prayers for protection, wisdom, and strength (to name just a few) would be appreciated. 

– Prayer for the unity of the team to remain strong, as that will be one of the first things the enemy will attack as we walk out in what God has asked of us. 

– Pray that we would remain listening to the voice of the Lord, and be obedient to what he asks of us. We know that if we do that, He will do some crazy things during these 2 months. 


– There are still some financial needs for our team to be fully funded for our trip. As one can imagine, to fly from Greece, to Mexico, then back to London for the DTS debrief is not cheap. I would seriously ask you all to pray about supporting financially one of our students still in need of the money. If you feel God calling you to give, what ever amount it may be, please message me and I will direct you in the best ways to give. 

I have seen the Lord bring in ridiculous amounts of money in short times before, and our team is believing that every expense of ours will be covered before outreach begins. 

As I stated in my last update, I will be home briefly before I join the team in Mexico on the 8th of June. My schedule is quite full, but I hope to see many of you during my brief time at home.

Until next time.


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