Return to the motherland for a short while

Lets keep the rabbit trails short and sweet.

Almost 1 month has passed since my flight landed back home, and it has been as I expected it to be. Great times with family and friends were obviously something I was looking forward to and expecting, a little down time before filling a couple weeks home with work, and of course the stress that would come with figuring out all of my sailing certifications, paperwork, support etc. All of it I have, and currently am experiencing.

For those who have not already been informed of the plans ahead of me, well, let me inform you.

Come the beginning of August, and for the next few foreseeable years I will be returning to the YWAM S/Y Next Wave in Greece as part of the crew. For these YWAM vessel to run and function properly and continue with the ministry they have been called to, they must have enough crew properly trained to help run her. (Vessel’s have always been referred to as female, to avoid confusion). That is where I am stepping in. My main focus will be helping out anywhere onboard the ship where things need to be done, and continue my seamanship training all the while.

What the seasonal plans look like for the vessel: From the spring to the fall, the vessel with be on the move sailing, while running DTS’s and SONS, and a few Bible schools. During the winter, the vessel will be stationary in Mitilini on the island Lesvos in Greece. There she will be used as a base to YWAM Lesvos to help run their DTS’s and their other ministries they are doing.

As far as God has called me thus far, I will for sure be onboard from the spring to fall months as the vessel is on the move. Concerning the winter months, I am still not 100% sure. I am waiting on God to confirm a few things that have been going on in my head. There are still plenty of things that could be done and that I could help with, should I stay onboard during those months. Anything from the continual maintenance of the ship, the helping out YWAM Lesvos.

And now for the grand finale!


For anyone familiar with YWAM, or mission’s work in general, all of my work is volunteer, so I am needing monthly support in order to remain over in Greece continuing this work.

I am one who prefers to be independent. I find it easy to give to help others, but when it comes to relying on others to support me, that is where my weakness is. So obviously God decided it was something we needed to work on.

My mother told me that to ask for help and support is not a bad thing. One its humbling, bringing you to the realization that life is not something you were ever meant to do on your own. Two, that I should not deprive others of the opportunity to give just because of my own pride.

So thats what I am doing! 😉

I would ask you to pray about supporting me financially. As I stated above, I am in need of monthly support.

Should all of my sailing certifications go through, my current goal I am working towards is $900 a month.

If your conclusion is that you would like to support me, send me a message or an email to, and I can give you information about where you can send your support and the information about tax receipts for your support.

As always, I have some prayer requests.

– Pray that my sailing certifications go through. Malta can be quite slow at running things through their system, so I ask you all to pray that my paperwork can be sorted out quickly before I leave.

– Continued guidance, always, that I would be listening to God and what He calls of me, and where He asks me to go.

– Refugee conditions on Lesvos. Though they may not be as covered as they once were, there is still floods of refugees freeing to Europe.

– DTS school currently on the Next Wave. Pray that God would show up and change them in ways they couldn’t imagine.

For anyone who wishes meet, say hi, or hang out, you have until the beginning of August. Just send me a message and we can figure something out.

Until next time.

Your’s truly.



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