How you can support me


YWAM is an organization that functions by the work and serving of volunteers. People, young and old, who have given their time and energy, long or short term, to continue the work of this community in the world. As it is all volunteer work, all of my time spent serving needs to be financed by support. I will be in need of (said amount) per month to cover all costs during my serving.

Once my training is complete and I start serving in the summer of 2018, I will be joining YWAM Canada as staff, and supporting donations can be made through them, enabling the donator to receive a charitable tax receipt.


Prayer will always be gratefully received. I will be giving updates on my time, included specific prayer requests, but some constant requested prayers would be that of personal growth. Prayer that my relationship with God would constantly be deepening; That I would continue to grow into a man that brings glory to God, in my actions, speech, and thought.

Prayer for provision. That wherever I am called and whatever God asks of me, that I would have faith in His provision, and that He would indeed provide whatever would be needed.

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