Youth With A Mission

What is YWAM?

YWAM stands for “Youth With A Mission”. It is a Christian movement involving many cultures, ages, and Christian traditions, all dedicated to being the Hands and Feet of Jesus throughout the world.

The focus of this movement back during its beginning in 1960, was to have young get involved in missions, both in there local communities and globally.

Now, those currently involved are of all ages, and have moved to have bases located in over 180 countries.

YWAM Ships

One avenue of YWAM’s work comes in the form of YWAM Ships. Though they have been around for quite a number of years, YWAM Ships has been growing in the last number of years.

In 2010, they were in possession of just 2 vessels. Now they have 26, with a vision to reach a total of 40 vessels by the year 2020.

Their vessels are located all over the world, involved in everything from refugee work in Greece, to Medical relief in Papua New Guinea.